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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 51112433576_s24
  • Date: 4/22/10
  • Title: Today Exclusive: A Day In the Life of Senator Scott Brown
  • Production Unit: TDY
  • Media Type: AS
  • Media ID: NY-TDY-20100423-0001
  • Ardome ID: 1100100615368048622
  • Hit Time: 07:42:57
  • NA
  • Duration: 00:06:28;00
  • Location: Washington, DC;Boston, Massachusetts
  • Era: 2010s
  • Personalities: Brown, Scott;McCain, John;Brown, Ayla;Brown, Arianna;Palin, Sarah;Romney, Mitt;
  • Short Description: Today Exclusive: A Day In the Life of Senator Scott Brown
  • Long Description:
    Today national correspondent Jamie Gangel reports on camera in the newsroom in Washington, DC.

    07:43:15 (EJ=5:29)
    MS: Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown jogs.
    WS: Brown seen foreground to the Washington Monument.

    MS: at the podium, Brown says, "I'm Scott Brown, I'm from Wrentham and I still drive a truck!"

    MS: Brown jogs past the Capitol.

    MS: Rear shot of Brown entering dry-cleaners.

    MS: Speaking to woman at the counter, Brown says. "I am down to my last shirt."

    MS: Tracking shot of Brown driving his green pickup truck.
    2 MS: Gangel, seated next to Brown in the pickup truck, asks, "Was there any special meaning in bringing the pick up truck to Washington?"
    2 MS: Brown, driving, says "That's the only vehicle I have. I mean, this isn't-- this isn't a joke. I mean, this-- I mean, I have 205,000 miles. I've had it for five years."
    CU: Odometer reads "205,393".
    MS: Brown says "This is-- this is my vehicle. I mean, I live in it. I sleep in it. I eat in it. It's trashed, it."
    MS: Brown walks past a bagels sign.

    MS: Brown orders a sesame bagel.

    MS: Brown shakes hands with men and women.

    MS: Brown, at the podium on stage, says "This is the people's seat."

    2 MS: Brown shakes hands with Republican Arizona Senator John McCain and walks in a corridor as cameras flash.

    MS: In an interview Brown says "I got out of the car, I'm like, whoa. Okay. Is there a bathroom I can go throw up."
    MS: Gangel says, "I don't think it took 24 hours for someone to ask you, would you ever consider running for the White House. And so?"
    MS: Brown says, "I've been here, what, three months actually today, let's see. And-- I'm very focused on doing my job, and ?"
    MS: Gangel asks, "So, are you ruling it out completely for 2012?"
    MS: Brown says, "Yeah, sure. Absolutely 2012, I'm ruling it out."
    MS: Gangel says, "But maybe someday?"
    MS: Brown says, "I'm not even going to jump at that. Nice try."
    MS: Gangel says, "Your claim to fame as 41 was because you're going to vote against health care. In the end, Obama won. You lost. Were you angry about that vote?"
    MS: Brown says, "Well, first of all, I think that's an improper characterization. Obama won and I lost. I think the bottom line is there are some very serious problems with the bill. No, I wasn't angry. I'm concerned for businesses in my-- in my state and throughout this country. 'm concerned about getting a good product. If we're going to do it-- we did it in Massachusetts. If we're going to do it, let's do it right, and not-- not just ram it through."

    MS: Brown speaks with children.

    GFX: Insert graphic of newspaper photo of Brown and header "American Idol!"

    GFX: Insert graphic of newspaper article on Brown and header "Scott's Hotter Than Hot".

    CLIP: Clip from "Jay Leno Show" featuring Jay Leno and Brown.

    BRIEF CUTS: Shots of actors performing in a musical with actor (as Scott Brown) saying "It's the people's seat."

    CLIP: Clip from TV show, "Saturday Night Live" featuring Brown being spoofed.

    VO: Gangel asks "Have you run into Nancy Pelosi or Barbara Boxer?"
    MS: Brown says "I did run into bar-- Barbara. And I said, you know, "Have you seen the Saturday Night Live thing?" And she said, "No, I didn't see it." I might-- and I'm saying to myself, "I bet she did." I haven't-- I haven't run into the Speaker-- obviously-- Barney Frank I see. I don't-- didn't really wanna ask him, so."
    VO: Gangel says "You didn't wink at him when you saw him?"
    MS: Brown says "Oh, I think about it all the time. I think about going up to everybody and going..... [winks at the camera]

    MS: Brown poses for a photo op with children.

    GFX: Insert photos of Brown as a model.

    GFX: Insert graphic of Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Brown as the centerfold.

    3 MS: Brown stands with daughters Ariana and Ayla.

    CLIP: WCVB-TV clip of Brown's wife Gail during a news report.

    CLIP: Clip from TV show "American Idol" featuring Ayla singing.

    MS: Brown, flanked by family members and supporters, "And just--and just in case anybody who's watching throughout the country, yes, they're both available. No, no, no. No."

    2 MS: Gangel, seated across from Brown, says "There's a picture over there. Your daughter, with her hands."

    STILL: Photo of Ayla with her hands on her father's shoulders.

    MS: Brown says, "Probably before she was about to put 'em around my neck. She was like, 'Dad, what, are you kidding me.'"
    MS: Gangel asks, "Did you get in trouble at home over that?"
    MS: Brown says, "No. No, no, no. We-- we still kid about it. You know, like they'll say something. And say, "Hey, I'll get on national TV, and say you're available again, so you'd better watch it."

    GFX: Insert graphic of Boston Herald newspaper featuring Brown and header "Where Is He Now?"

    MS: Gangel says "You have crossed party lines. You voted on the jobs bill with the Democrats, on the unemployment insurance."
    MS: Brown says, "Whether I'm out of step with the Republican party-- whatever. You know, I don't really care. I'm gonna be the independent person and voter I've always been."

    MS: Brown talks on a cell phone.

    MS: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin walks on stage during a Tea Party rally.
    MS: Palin asks, "Massachusetts, do you love your freedom?"

    MS: Brown walks with man and woman in a corridor.

    WS: Zoom out from Brown walking down steps with same man and woman.

    MS: Gangel asks, "Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to be President?"
    MS: Brown says, "Yeah, I think she's qualified. Sure."
    MS: Gangel asks, "Would you support her?"
    MS: Brown says "Well, I'm gonna support Governor Romney. And I'm gonna see who-- who's out there in the field and you know, and make my decision."

    MS: Brown and former Massachusetts Mitt Romney shake hands.

    MS: Brown drives in the street.
    WS: Zoom out from Brown's truck driving in the street.

    VO: Gangel says "He made fun of your truck."
    MS: Brown says He did, by golly. He can make fun of my votes, and my policy, but when he makes fun of my truck, that's where I draw the line. So, I asked him if he wanted me to bring the truck by the White House, take a spin, and-- I also said, you know, "I know you play a lot of basketball. If you'd like to-- you know, my daughter and I would love to play."

    STILL: Photo of President Barack Obama holding a basketball.

    MS: Gangel says, " So far, no invitation?"
    MS: Brown says "I've made a couple of-- inquiries. I think I need to step back and not make it competitive."
    MS: Gangel says "Maybe when he needs a vote."
    MS: Brown says, "Maybe when he needs somebody who can shoot."

    Gangel x-talks with Lauer on Brown probably facing off with Victoria Kennedy in two years

    GFX: Insert still of Victoria Kennedy.

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