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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 5112949389_s05
  • Date: 12/4/97
  • Title: Mistaken Identity: After Horrible Mix Up in Hospital, Girl Killed in Accident Finally Buried
  • Production Unit: NN
  • Media Type: AS
  • Media ID: NY-NN-19971204-0001
  • Ardome ID: 1100100614295171222
  • Hit Time: 18:51:10
  • NA
  • Duration: 00:02:06;00
  • Location: Nashville, Tennessee;Franklin, Tennessee
  • Era: 1990s
  • Personalities: Moshier, Giselle;Slovis, Corey
  • Short Description: Mistaken Identity: After Horrible Mix Up in Hospital, Girl Killed in Accident Finally Buried
  • Long Description:
    Casket being wheeled towards hearse seen. Rescue worker walking past wrecked white pickup truck on side of road on 1997-11 seen. Smashed windshield seen. Still of 16-year old Tiffany Getty who was involved in the car accident seen. Medivack helicopters land on roof of Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Medical team performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on injured girl on stretcher seen. In interivew Dr. Corey Slovis says "We had a friend, brought in by law enforcement who made an identification." Still of Tiffany Moshier who was also involved in the crash and who was identified as the dead girl seen. Exterior of the hospital seen. "Emergency" sign outside of the hospital seen. In news conference, Tiffany Moshier's mother Giselle Moshier says "My sister grabbed me and hugged me and said 'She's gone, honey. Just except it.'" Still of Tiffany Moshier over exterior of hospital seen. Hospital employees walking along corridor seen. Closeup of monitor displaying electrogradiogram seen. Slovis says "She was not so deformed that we felt an indentification would be significantly impaired." Still insert of Tiffany Moshier over obituary regarding her death seen. Dotson reports on camera. Giselle sitting between two men during press conference seen. Giselle says "The size of the girls were different." Stills of Tiffany Getty and Tiffany Moshier seen. Giselle says "everybody kept telling me that I was losing my mind...that it was just wasn't Tiffany." Pallbearers carrying Tiffany Getty's ciffin from hearse seen as Dotson signs off in voice over from Franklin, Tennessee.

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