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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 5112989179_s24
  • Date: 6/7/98
  • Title: Dateline NBC Preview On 100% Ground Beef That's Not 100% Pure Beef
  • Production Unit: TDY
  • Media Type: AS
  • Media ID: NY-TDY-19980608-0001
  • Ardome ID: 1100100611189035222
  • Hit Time: 08:18:01
  • NA
  • Duration: 00:03:43;00
  • Location: Today New York Studio;Washington DC
  • Era: 1990s
  • Personalities: Bargas, Larry
  • Short Description: Dateline NBC Preview On 100% Ground Beef That's Not 100% Pure Beef
  • Long Description:
    Thompson reports live on-camera from Washington, D.C. EJ for 2:37: Low close up of ground beef coming out of grinder seen. Gloved hand squeezes ground beef. Low shot of meat slicer machine slicing ground beef patties seen. Ground beef patties are placed in packages. Close up of hamburger being cooked on grill seen. Still of then-butcher Larry Bargas (ph) posing with another butcher seen. Gloved hands remove ground beef from grinder. Container labeled "Pork Trim 11/19" is opened to show pork trimmings inside. In interview Bargas says the best way to get rid of pork if it can't be sold is to grind it into the beef. Ground beef moves down conveyor into bin. Overhead shot of workers at assembly lines in a meat packing plant seen. Worker in a packing plant places testing instrument into package of food. In a supermarket butcher dumps tray of meat into machine. Bargas says businesses don't want to lose a nickel so they adulterate ground beef (add products other than 100% pure ground beef). Hidden camera footage of moving through supermarket, selecting packages of 100% ground beef, price sign, butcher weighing meat, shoppers selecting food, grocer fixing the meat section, and butcher telling undercover shopper there's no pork inside the 100% ground beef because it's a separate grind. Label from package of ground beef is removed. Plastic bags (of meat selected by Dateline for testing) labeled with cities and numbers (for stores) and the meat placed inside the bags which are placed in a cooler seen. The plastic bag is double bagged (to prevent a chance of cross contamination). Lid is placed on cooler. Man wheels coolers through room. In Florida at Elisa Technologies (ph) cooler is opened and laboratory worker removes meat package. Panning shot of meat packages wrapped in plastic seen on table as worker tests one package. Plastic bag of liquid material is removed from test machine. Panning shot of test tube vials tested for Dateline seen. During test test tube tray being placed into machine, the machine in use, researcher pouring liquid from beaker into test tube, and still labeled "Raw Pork Elisa" of test tubes (some green because a non 100% beef product was placed in the beef package) seen. In supermarket hidden camera footage of sale signs and hand holding package of meat seen. Thompson does live on-camera outro and live 2-way x-talk with Ford.

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