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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 5113074872_s19
  • Date: 12/21/98
  • Title: Murder Suspect Thomas Capano Gives His Version Of How Victim Anne Marie Fahey Died In His House
  • Production Unit: TDY
  • Media Type: AS
  • Media ID: NY-TDY-19981222-0001
  • Ardome ID: 1100100612190371522
  • Hit Time: 07:44:53
  • NA
  • Duration: 00:02:49;00
  • Location: Wilmington, Delaware;
  • Era: 1990s
  • Personalities: Capano, Thomas;Fahey, Anne Marie;MacIntyre, Deborah;Anastasia, George;Fahey, Robert;
  • Short Description: Murder Suspect Thomas Capano Gives His Version Of How Victim Anne Marie Fahey Died In His House
  • Long Description:
    Murder suspect Thomas Capano debarks police van and is escorted by police outdoors with his hands shackled (shackles not seen). Still of murder victim Capano's mistress Anne Marie Fahey seen. Home movie of Fahey with children at a birthday party seen. Slow-motion of another of Capano's mistresses Deborah MacIntyre (Capano claims MacIntyre killed Capano) debarking car seen. In interview "The Philadelphia Inquirer" Newspaper's George Anastasia says everyone in court was "mesmerized" by Capano's testimony. Courtroom sketches including Judge, and Capano on witness stand seen. Insert sketch of Capano as a witness and supers "The next thing I knew, Deborah McIntyre (sic) is in the room. Debbie was off the wall, she was not coherent" seen. Anastasia says Capano was calm, clear, and cool on the stand and didn't show a lot of emotion. "Inquirer Magazine" covers with Fahey's picture, and article "In Their Own Words" with photos of Fahey and Capano seen as shot zooms to close up of the photos. Still of Capano seen. Slow-motion of policewoman collecting evidence at the murder site (Capano's home), exterior of Capano's home, investigators talking outdoors, and police carrying a toilet outside of Capano's home seen. Graphic Justice Department logo, graphic "Police Dial 911" sign, and graphic documents of pages from Fahey's diary with supered highlight (about Capano) "insecure jealous maniac" seen. Man digs ground (looking for Fahey's body). Fahey's family including her brother Robert Fahey seen in interview as Robert says they believe Capano murdered Anne Marie in his house. Slow-motion of Capano's brother walking outside court building seen. Dock seen as shot pans to Atlantic Ocean water under the dock. Dawson reports on-camera. Insert stills of Fahey and Capano seen. Anastasia says an attorney told him that this case "has every human vice imaginable." Close up of courthouse exterior pulls back to long shot of the exterior. Dawson signs off in voice over (no location).

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