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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 5113075286_s01
  • Title: Patrolman William Phillips Testifies Before Knapp Commission; PBA Chief Kiernan Calls Hearings a Roman Circus
  • Production Unit: SHN
  • Media Type: Film
  • Media ID: 0070482
  • Ardome ID: 1100100609025367222
  • NA
  • NA
  • Duration: Unknown
  • Location: New York City, New York
  • Era: 1970s
  • Personalities: Kiernan, Edward J;Murphy, Patrick;Armstrong, Michael F;Phillips, William R
  • Short Description: Patrolman William Phillips Testifies Before Knapp Commission; PBA Chief Kiernan Calls Hearings a Roman Circus
  • Long Description:
    CS 1 - Police Benevolent Association (PBA) chief Edward Kiernan speaks at press conference. He says he wants Police Commissioner Murphy to abide by the rules of the department and suspend patrolman Phillips and have him placed under arrest. Kiernan says the Knapp Commission is putting crooked cops on the stand and that's unfair to other honest policemen "that want nothing to do with this dirty business." He states Phillips is doing anything he can to get off the hook. When asked by Gabe Pressman if Phillips would hang his own mother, Kiernan responds "Absolutely."
    CS 2 - At same press conference Kiernan calls on Mayor Lindsay to ask Whitman Knapp to end this "Roman circus" and turn over any evidence to the district attorney. He says any accused cop should be tried and if found guilty be fired from the department. Kiernan states the PBA wants them identified, indicted, and if found guilty have them dismissed. At another press conference Police Commissioner Patrick Murphy says the bad policeman "is not our brother. Help me rid this department of them." Knapp Commission chief counsel Michael F. Armstrong tells reporters gathered around him that Phillips says he doesn't know any cop that can stay on the job and not get involved with "the take." Armstrong says he believes Phillips' testimony is correct.
    OUTS - R1 - PBA chief Kiernan seen at podium during press conference. Cutaways show Gabe Pressman and other reporters seated at table; some take notes. Kiernan states the Knapp Commission is putting crooked cops on the stand and making the whole police force look bad. He says Mayor Lindsay is doing a terrible disservice to the people of New York. Kiernan says he wants the evidence put in front of a grand jury, starting with Phillips. He claims time will prove the honorable cops right. Kiernan calls on Knapp to hand over evidence to the district attorney. Reporters seen. Kiernan says people around the country are reading with horror stories about New York City's cops. He asserts there are 30,000 good cops and the police profession is no different than other professions. Kiernan says corrupt cops should be prosecuted, but according to Commissioner Murphy only 1% of NYC cops are corrupt. Patrolman William R. Phillips testifies before the Knapp Commission that three out of 15 sargeants in the 25th precinct are on the take and that captains were receiving $100 a month from a gambler known to be a key figure in organized crime. Phillips claims a lieutenant was raiding his operation to jump up his asking price.
    OUTS - R2 - Room goes dark as audio tape of Phillips is played. Commission counsel Armstrong questions Phillips about wearing a wire for the Commission. Phillips says gambler paid lieutenant $100 a month. He details what he did when wearing a wire. Audio tape is heard of Phillips and the lieutenant meeting with gambler in a bar. Former FBI agent who worked as an investigator for the Knapp Commission talks about how he set up a gambling operation in Harlem to gather information. Audio is heard as room goes dark.
    (Combined with ID # 70483)

    Film: 16mm, color, rev. with mag stripe
    Footage: 1415 ft: CS 1 - 37 ft & fc trk, CS 2 - 60 ft & fc trk, OUTS - R1 - 595 ft, R2 - 723 ft

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