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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 5116213853_s19
  • Date: 1/23/05
  • Title: 30 Years of Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show
  • Production Unit: TDY
  • Media Type: AS
  • Media ID: NY-TDY-20050124-0001
  • Ardome ID: 1100100612209279522
  • Hit Time: 08:11:11
  • NA
  • Duration: 00:05:02;00
  • Era: 2000s
  • Personalities: Carson, Johnny;McMahon, Ed;Mandel, Howie;Cannon, Dyan;Lawrence, Joey;Fowler, Jim;Bishop, Joey;Hall, Arsenio;Maher, Bill;Brenner, David;Embry, Joan;Shandling, Garry;Carlin, George;Bailey, Pearl;Martin, Steve;Leno, Jay;Rickles, Don;Midler, Bette;
  • Short Description: 30 Years of Johnny Carson and the Tonight Show
  • Long Description:
    Thirty years of late night laughs with Johnny Carson on "The Tonight

    CLIP: Black and white clips of the "Tonight Show" featuring host Johnny Carson.

    GFX: Video box of clips of the "Tonight Show" featuring Carson with singer Pearl Bailey and others.

    CLIP: Various clips of Carson laughing on the "Tonight Show", of Carson tap dancing, and of Carson with sidekick and announcer Ed McMahon.

    CLIP: Various clips of Carson with comedian Howie Mandel, actress Dyan Cannon, and unidentified woman holding a parrot.

    CLIP: Clips of Carson delivering his monologues.

    GFX: Video box of Carson during a monologue.

    CLIP: Clip of Carson interviewing child actor Joey Lawrence.

    CLIP: Clip of Carson interviewing a little boy.

    INT 1983
    MS: In interview with Bryant Gumble, Carson says "I remember the first night standing back stage and somebody said, `Well, 10 years from now, you won't even remember this night.' And we all laughed, thinking there's no way anybody's going to do this for 10 years."

    CU: An old television set featuring clip of Carson on the "Tonight Show".

    CLIP: Clip of Carson, dressed as Carnac, speaking to McMahon.

    CLIP: Clips of Carson dressed as Art Fern and Aunt Blabby on an old television set.

    CLIP: Clip of Carson speaking with a woman who collected unusual potato chips.

    CLIP: Clips of Carson during interview with animal expert Jim Fowler.

    CLIP: Close up of an old television set showing clips of talk show hosts, Arsenio Hall, Joey Bishop, Bill Maher and David Brenner.

    CLIP: Clip of the "Tonight Show" featuring Carson running away from a caged leopard and running and jumping to McMahon's arms and animal expert Joan Embry watching.

    MS: In interview McMahon says "Imagine showing up for work every day and sitting next to Johnny Carson, one of the most interesting, knowledgeable, well-read men I ever met, the golden years."

    CLIP: Video box of the "Tonight Show" featuring Carson and McMahon.

    CLIP: Clips from the "Tonight Show" featuring Steve Martin, George Carlin, Garry Shandling, Roseanne Barr, Eddie Murphy, Flip Wilson, and Jerry Seinfeld.

    STILL: Photo of talk show host David Letterman interviewing comedian Jay Leno.

    CLIP: Clip of the "Tonight Show" featuring comedian Jay Leno.

    CLIP: Video box of "Tonight Show" clips featuring Carson.

    CLIP: B/W clip of the "Tonight Show" featuring Carson tossing an ax.

    CU: Close up of a television set showing a clip of the "Tonight Show" featuring Carson and Don Rickles.

    CLIP: Clip of Carson throwing Rickles in a hot tub.

    CLIPS: Various clips of Carson seen as Bette Midler heard in background.

    CU: Television set featuring Midler singing on the "Tonight Show".

    CLIP: Clips of Midler singing to Carson.

    CLIP: Various clips of the "Tonight Show" featuring Carson.

    VO: Carson says "I'm one of the lucky people in the world. I found something I've always wanted to do, and I have enjoyed every single minute of it."

    GFX: Super "We'll miss you Johnny!"

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