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  • Owner: NBC News
  • Clip Name: 51A2301_005
  • Title: Today's Talk: Kathie Lee & Hoda With the Scoop
  • Production Unit: TODAY_SHOW
  • Media Type: AIRED_SHOW
  • Ardome ID: 1100101005246789822
  • Hit Time: 10:00:14;03
  • Start Time: 10:00:14;03
  • End Time: 10:10:53;21
  • Duration: 00:10:39;19
  • Location: USA
  • Contributors: Kotb, Hoda (REPORTER);Gifford, Kathie Lee (REPORTER);Lauer, Matt (REPORTER);Haines, Sara (REPORTER);Kotb, Hoda (ANCHOR);Gfford, Kathie Lee (ANCHOR);Filler, Tammy (PRODUCER);LaMarca, Joanne (PRODUCER);Halperin, Rebecca (PRODUCER);Reis, Meredith (PRODUCER)
  • Personalities: Jones, James;Jones, Chatari;Jackson, Natalie;McFadden-Jones, Deborah
  • Short Description: Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss current events.
  • Reference Type 1: BARCODE
  • Reference ID 1: 0239AA3251
  • Long Description:
    STILL Photo of Today Show producer Tammy Filler's baby Ashlyn.

    STILL Photo of people looking at a mural named Calvary (a drawing done in pencil, based on a photo of a military regiment found in an antique store), which was drawn completely in pencil, at the ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

    STILLS Insert stills of Calvary.

    CLIP: School bus surveillance video of parent James Jones shouting at students and at the bus driver. He says, "Tell me which one. Yeah, you call the police. Call the police. This is my daughter and I will kill the (unintelligible)."

    CLIPS: In clips from segment airing 07:33:15;09, James Jones, his wife Deborah McFadden-Jones, their daughter Chatari Jones and attorney Natalie Jackson are seen in-studio with Matt Lauer. Chatari says, "I do want to go back." Lauer asks, "Would you get on that bus again? Do you think it would be different?" Chatari says, "No. But I would like to get on the bus again."

    GFX: Map of Ohio, highlighting Wooster.
    GFX: Supers "On the Phone: Megan", "Wooster, OH."

    STILL Insert still of "Everyone Has a Story" inductee Megan Mitchell.

    STILL Photo of Mitchell (bald of chemotherapy) and a man (her husband?).

    Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb appear live in Studio 1A. In X-talk, they welcome back producer Tammy Filler (who is back after six months of maternity leave), Filler says she's handling her baby Ashlyn being in day care OK because she doesn't have to do drop off, she presents Kotb and Gifford with several photos of Ashlyn, Gifford's love affair with western Michigan, and Gifford presents Kotb with clog shoes from Holland, Michigan (with Kotb's name on them), Gifford discusses Holland and what she did when visiting it, going to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan, helping raise money for Evergreen Commons (which she describes as a Disney World for adults over 50) by auctioning visits to the Today Show, Kotb's weekend consisting of watching the movie "The Blind Side" twice on her couch and packing boxes, parent James Jones boarding his daughter's (who has cerebral palsy) bus and yelling at the children that were bullying her (who spoke on the Today Show in a segment airing 07:33:15;09), Kotb's own experience with bullying, October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, they present their favorite things (Kotb's Forward ring (for breast cancer awareness) which is available on the website and Jennifer Miller's special edition breast cancer awareness jewelry, Gifford's a Kilwin's gift basket for everyone at the Today Show, and Sara Haines' facial moisture by La Mer that she got as a gift), the latest "Everyone Has a Story" inductee Megan Mitchell (who was a diagnosed with breast cancer a year a go and realized there wasn't enough being done for young women who are diagnosed with it) who joins them on the phone from Wooster, Ohio (Mitchell thanks them and says she looks forward to meeting them).

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