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The Documentaries of Ted Yates - August 6, 1967

NBC News documentary producer Ted Yates was no stranger to danger, known for sticking his neck out while traveling to places around the globe where conflicts were brewing or even boiling. He produced the three-part series "The Battle for Asia" which looked at Communist expansion into Thailand, Laos and Indonesia. He also documented the civil war in the Dominican Republic and the guerrilla war in Guatemala. He was working on a documentary on the Middle East when the Six-Day War broke out. Yates was filming in Jerusalem when he and his crew came under fire. He was killed by bullet from a machine gun.

Yates was a visual storyteller whose documentaries were both visceral and poetic. He knew what it was like to be in a battle zone, he had been a Marine correspondent during the Korean War. He knew how to pursue and present a story. He had honed his skills as a producer, director and writer while working with Mike Wallace and David Brinkley.

The content featured here comes from the NBC News Special: "The Documentaries of Ted Yates" and include footage of Egyptians demonstrating on the streets of Cairo in 1967. It aired two months after Yates' death.

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