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Search Tips

Searching the Website - The Basics!

1) CHOOSE categories carefully

--Be Specific. General terms result in more (inappropriate) hits.
i.e. operation desert storm instead of Iraq and war for the early 1990s conflict.
digital cameras instead of photography
--Be Clear.
i.e. modeling (alone) could mean fashion or clay or architecture or behavior.

2) EXCLUDE categories in order to narrow your search.

Use NOT to omit some results
i.e. first lady NOT Michelle (for past first ladies only)

3) USE OR in order to include alternatives

i.e. new zealand (kayaking OR biking)
note: a space between search terms = AND

4) SPECIFY WORD ORDER with quotation marks.

i.e. “read my lips”

5) LIMIT your search with date ranges…use TO in between; put year first, then month, then day (yyyymmdd).

[square brackets] include parameters, i.e. live:[20100101 TO 20100130] for clips that went live on the website in January 2010.
{curly brackets} exclude parameters, i.e. date:{20091231 TO 20100201} for footage that is dated before or after the date range.

Search Syntax – How to get exactly what you want!

1) Begin with the field you want to search; use a colon between the field and your search term, i.e. hasAudio:true for all clips that have audio ---or--- Clinton AND hasAudio:true AND era:1990s for all clips that have the keyword Clinton and have audio and are from the 1990s. Brackets can be used to perform inclusive or exclusive searches. {Curly brackets} exclude parameters, [straight brackets] include parameters. See EXAMPLES below of some commonly used searches.

2) Boolean Search Modifiers may be used in combination to limit or expand searches. These terms must be entered in CAPITAL letters.
– AND must be in caps to function properly. (Otherwise it becomes a search category).
-Search interprets spaces between search terms as ANDs; meaning search will find clips that include ALL of the search terms that you type separated by spaces. So the search: new zealand kayaking biking is really interpreted as: new AND zealand AND kayaking AND biking.
- Use OR (again in All Caps) between words if you are interested in alternatives. For example, a search for: new zealand kayaking OR biking is interpreted as: Give me all clips that have "new zealand" and that have either kayaking or biking.
- Use NOT if you want to exclude words. For example, if you are interested in clips about dogs, but you’d like to exclude "poodles", use this search: dogs NOT poodles
– Use an asterisk (*) for wild card searches. A wild card can be used to stand in for any letter or word in a search term for phrase.

3) EXAMPLES of some especially useful searches:

To search by date: Generally this is the date an event happened, but can sometimes be the show airdate:
date:[20090301 TO 20090331] -> Search for clips between March, 1 2009 and March 31, 2009 inclusive.
date:20100221* -> Search for clips that happened exactly on the date February 21, 2010.

To search by length: searches for the length (duration) of the clip in milliseconds:
cats AND length:[0000010000 TO 0000015000] -> search for clips with "cats" and a duration between 10 and 15 seconds long.
cats AND length:0000010000 -> search for clips with "cat” and a duration exactly 10 seconds long.

To search by an NBC News Media ID#:
originalName:T980101 -> Search for clips from a particular source tape from NBC News Archives.

To search by color. Searches for one of Color, Black and White, Sepia, Muted Color:
“Malcolm X” AND color:”Black and White” -> assets that have “Malcolm X” and are black and white.

To search by decade: Possible values are 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s:
rocket AND era:1960s -> Search for assets about rockets from the 1960’s.

To search for clips that have/do not have audio:
sports AND hasAudio:true searches for clips with “sports” which include sound.
sports AND hasAudio:false searches for clips with “sports” that do not have sound.

Search Results – This is what you get!

1) Most searches will return results that include 3 different Record Types:

Text Record – Collection assets that are not currently digitized. A text description of the material can be viewed on the website, emailed or added to a clipbin. To preview or purchase this material you would need to contact the collection owner and speak to a Sales Representative.

Previews – Collection assets that are digitized and available for screening free of charge on the website. These are mostly full-length NBC News segments and may include some footage that is not licensable or that requires additional clearances. Previews can be emailed or added to clipbins and marked with in and out points. Footage from previews can be purchased online with the assistance of one of our Sales Representatives.

Web Clip – Collection assets that are available on the website for preview, digital download and purchase online. Through our completely automated process you can download previews, sign a licensing agreement, pay for and download or order physical fulfillment for masters.

2) Filters at the left-hand side of the Search Results page will help narrow down your search results once you’ve already begun a search. You can filter for:
  • Record Type - Text Record, Previews, Web Clip
  • Collections – NBC Radio, NBC News, Telemundo, Artworks, The Weather Channel, Universal Film Stock, Universal Film Clips, Universal Television, NBC Sports, NBC Photobank, and SNL
  • Shows – NBC Nightly News, Today, Meet the Press, MSNBC Dayside, Hardball with Chris Matthews, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, The Rachel Maddow Show, The Ed Show, Morning Joe, Way Too Early, The Last Word, Universal Newsreels
  • Decades – 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s
  • Sound – Silent, or With Audio
  • Media Type – All, or Film

3) You may also refine your search by entering additional keywords in the “Search Within These Results…” box and the search engine will automatically update your search terms and results.